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Leah Rivera

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It is said in Exodus, that "The wind conceived and gave birth to wisdom." When your path has need of clear sight and wisdom, I will fly and give you guidance.

I am Leah, the mother who bears inner wisdom. I am of the Air, for my strength is intellect, and of balance and truth. I stand with one hand on the Ivory tower and see with clear sight. I am, and shall always be honest. Honest with myself and honest with you.

I have practiced all forms of rootwork for many years and can advise you on what you can do for yourself, both the simple and the complex. However, at this time I am only accepting clients who need money, finance, job getting, and business work. This is my specialty. You can purchase my conjure services on my facebook business page.

History and Experience

I was raised in a Jewish orthodox-conservative family. I am the daughter of two Judges. I spent 20 years in corporate America. I am a mother of two teens. I suffer from a long-term debilitating illness. I am fascinated by shamanic practices. My black cat passed away after many years.

I am the original proprietor of Black Cat Rootshack and Hearth Home Hoodoo. I am a graduate of the Hoodoo Correspondence Course. I was one of Miss cat's apprentices. I have helped run the Hoodoo and Rootwork Workshops at Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. I was a founding member of the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, and co-founder of the Lucky Mojo Forums with Miss cat. You may book a reading at my Facebook page.

I offer hoodoo psychic readings with these tools and methods:

Card Readings, Psychometry with Photographs, Rune Readings, Spiritual Consultation and Practical Advice

I use conjure to help you with these spiritual conditions:

Prosperity, Money Drawing, Business, and Gambling Luck, Career Success, Personal Power, Mastery, and Wisdom, Jinx Breaking.

I perform rootwork using these spell casting techniques:

Lamp Spells, Setting Lights, Working Within the Jewish Tradition, Working Within The Neo-Pagan Tradition


Wonderful reading by Leah last week. Totally ON. Confirmations abound. She's good folks. Real good. Right on good. - J. R.

I had a wonderful reading last night with Lara Rivera. It was soo insightful and made things very clear. It was also very spiritual, she most certainly has a wonderful gift to share with you and I am so Thankful I was one of the people to receive this! - M. H.

I wanted to say to all that I just had a most impressive, and wonderful reading with Lara Rivera. Lara is truly gifted and intuitive with her gift. She picked up right away on a new venture that means a great deal to me along with a current move. She picked up on some things going on with family & gave insight to how to address it in a peaceful manner. She is a down to earth woman who I enjoyed speaking with. I can see why Catherine Yronwode loves working with her so much. - V.

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