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Mama E. On Traditional Conjure

Spring Renewal Spell

Spring is a time of growth, and a simple way to bring renewal to your life and your environment is by growing plants and herbs, which will spread your intentions in an earth-conscious and healthy way.

If you have a garden or a place where you can plant flowers, even in pots, this is a spell for you. Pick a flowering plant that you like — in this case, let’s use marigolds. Marigolds, also known as Calendulas, are used to attract money and luck. 

First, write your petition three times on a small piece of paper, for example “bring luck and money to me”; then write your name across it three times. 

Anoint it with Money Drawing oil in a 5-spot pattern. Place your petition at the bottom of the hole where the flowers will be planted, or at the bottom of the pot.

Pray over the dirt that will go in the pot, or that will cover the plant in the ground, then plant the marigold. 

Fill a container of water and bless it, or add holy water to it. Pray that this marigold brings you prosperity and money. 

Use this water to irrigate your marigold. When this plant grows, it will attract bees and butterflies. Every time a bee lands on the flower and pollinates, it will spread your intention out into the world. 

Other plants bees like: Lavender and Lilacs.
Bulbs: Irises (Queen Elizabeth) and Hyacinth.
Flowers: Roses for love.

Planting herbs is another way to spread your intentions. Using the same idea, plant herbs in your garden or a window box, bless the ground, and then water before planting them. Plant Sage (against the evil eye), Rosemary (for peaceful home, cleansing, and happy marriage), Marjoram (for protection), and Oregano (keeps the law away). Every time you use these herbs, you will be adding your intention to your dishes.

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Mama E’s acclaimed readings are much sought after for their compassionate and no-holds-barred wisdom. For more on her spellwork and conjure supplies, visit Hoodoo Psychics.

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Catherine yronwode, Lara Rivera, & Great Workers of the Past


From Bottle Up and Go!: The Magic of Hoodoo Container Spells in Boxes, Bags, Bowls, Buckets, and Jars by catherine yronwode and Lara Rivera © 2020 catherine yronwode and Lara Rivera:

Traditionally, whole raw eggs are used for cleansing, but filled eggs are found in a variety of spells. Sometimes the raw egg is blown out and refilled with magical ingredients; sometimes a hole is made and ingredients are introduced into the egg with a knife point or stirred up inside with a hat pin.

On April 6, 1939 in Florence, South Carolina, in the home of Henry Timmons, “Informant #1321” told Reverend Hyatt: “If anyone is trying to harm you, especially if it’s around your neighbourhood, […] take a egg […] get some Graveyard Dirt, [Dirt] Dauber Nest, cooking Salt, and Sulphur, fix it up [inside the egg and place the egg] under the steps.”  

If someone you care for has met a new friend and you want to keep that friendship from growing, carefully break the point end of an egg to let the contents flow out. Set the egg shell in a jar in a dark place to dry overnight. Cook the egg and eat it yourself; don’t give it to anyone else. Next morning, write a small paper with both peoples’ names on it, and draw a line through the new friend’s name. Fold this into the egg shell. Fill the egg shell with Red Pepper, Poppy Seeds, and Black Mustard Seeds, seal it, and carry it to an overpass where cars or trains drive under. Shake it up as you say, “Lord, these two are not good for each other and surely trouble will come if they don’t stay apart. Break up this friendship and let it be forgotten.” Then toss the egg off the overpass where it will break and be run over.

In March 1938 in New Orleans, Louisiana, a rootworker known as “Informant #810” told this spell to Reverend Hyatt: “You put a little hole in the shell of a raw chicken egg and draw that raw egg out. Take a person’s name and write it nine times, put the name paper in that egg shell and stop it up [with wax]. Throw it in the river, and as long as that egg will float and drift down river, that person will drag, they will drift.”

Newbell Niles Puckett gave an old hoodoo spell collected by Fanny D. Bergen in 1890: “Make a hole in an egg and stir Gunpowder into the contents.” Bergen did not tell how to deploy the spell, but it is traditional to hide such an egg under the foe’s house to catch them unawares or to throw and break it on their door to let them know that spiritual warfare has begun.

This can’t be used on enemies in tall buildings, but works with one-story homes. Write the neighbors’ names on an egg, prick it with a thin knife, and use the knife to load it with Gunpowder for fights, Graveyard Dirt for sorrow, Cayenne powder to drive them off, and Sulphur powder to send them to Hell. Throw the egg over their house so it breaks on the other side.

In March 1937, in Norfolk, Virginia, Doctor Paul Bowles told Reverend Hyatt to, “Pick a hole in an egg, blow out the insides, put a person’s head-hair in it, write the person’s name on the egg shell, seal the hole [with soft wax], and throw the egg into running water. This runs the person crazy.”

In October, 1939, Reverend Hyatt learned this spell from “Informant 1520,” a professional rootworker in Memphis, Tennessee:
   “If you want somebody to die, you take a black Hen’s egg and you put it up in a bird nest and when the Sun dries it up, why, that kills them. How do you do it? Well, you write the person’s name on that egg with ink, and you run four needles or four long black hatpins through that. First you put one through one end and one through the other, lengthwise of the egg, and they will cross each other in the middle. Then you go from side to side. You run the third one through from one side to the other, and you turn it over and run the fourth one through the other way, crosswise. You cross the four of them, to make a cross inside the egg. You use a spool of black thread and wrap that up nine times and tie a knot, and nine times more and tie a knot, and keep doing that, nine times and a knot. You wrap it up good and use the whole spool of thread so that nobody can tell it’s an egg, and you put that in a bird nest, up in the tree. When you do that you’re wavering a person’s mind — you’re running a person crazy. And when that egg dries up, they will die.”

Start with an empty bottle of Black Bottle Brandy or any black bottle with a screw-cap. If you don’t have one, paint a clear bottle with three coats of black nail polish. Get a photo of each person. If it shows them together, cut it in two. Cross out each face with an X while cursing them with doubt: “He doesn’t want you, he’s seeing another woman, you are not good enough for him, he’s going to leave you.” Put each picture in the bottle separately. Break an egg into a bowl, use a Coffin Nail to scramble it with Black Pepper, Black Mustard Seed, and Black Salt, pour the mixture into the bottle, and top it off with Vinegar. Poke two holes in the bottle lid with the nail, drop the nail in, and cap it. Bury this upside-down in a graveyard, saying, “Your love for each other will run out and die! As the egg is broken, as the vinegar sours, as the dead go to the earth, let your love die! Let it die! Let it die! Let it die!”

In 1931, Zora Neale Hurston wrote in “Hoodoo in America” to “take a fresh black hen’s egg, make a hole big enough to get the egg out and take the [neighbours’] names, Pepper sauce, and [prepared] Mustard and fill the egg up and soak it in War Water for nine days and throw it over the house, and it will cross the house and they will have to move away.”

From Paper in My Shoe: Name Papers, Petition Papers, and Prayer Papers in Hoodoo, Rootwork, and Conjure by catherine yronwode © 2015 catherine yronwode:

Write your enemy’s name with a pencil on a Black Hen’s egg and soak the egg for nine days in Four Thieves Vinegar to which you have added Red Pepper and Black Salt. At midnight of the ninth day, carry the egg to a crossroads and, holding the egg in your hand, dance around the forks of the road, cursing your enemy, and sending your hatred into the egg. At the climax of your dance, throw the egg sharply to the ground, breaking it, then walk away silently and quietly, and don’t look back.


From The Art of Making Mojos: How to Craft Conjure Hands, Trick Bags, Tobies, Gree-Grees, Jomos, Jacks, and Nation Sacks by catherine yronwode © 2018 catherine yronwode:

Take a raw egg, write the baby’s name on it in ink, place it in a muslin Tobacco sack, and hang it over the door to the baby’s bedroom. The egg will dry out, and the child will teethe without pain.

Folks say that if you hang a bag of Five-Finger Grass over the fireplace mantle, hidden behind a picture or a mirror, no one will be able to drive you from your home. Likewise, the bag may be hung over your bed to protect you from evil while you sleep. If you blow out and dry an egg, stuff it with Five-Finger Grass, seal the hole with wax, and keep it hidden in the home, the family will be protected from enemies.

Lady Muse Opens The Road To Success

Enlarge my Territory Rose of Jericho Road Opening Ritual

Lady Muse Opens The Road To Success

Whole Bay Leaves, Protection
White Pepper, Protection
Cascarilla (White egg shell powder), Protection
Road Opening Candle, 3 colors (Orange, Green, Yellow)
Purple Candle, Mastery
White Candle, Clearing 
Road Opening oil
Magnetic Success Oil
Power Oil
Agrimony, to break curses.
Verbena, to break jinxes and the evil eye.
Red Onion, for luck
5 finger grass, for success in all that you touch.
Bayberry root chips, for success
Sage, for wisdom
Eyebright, for clarity
Rice, for success
A bowl of Spring water
Rose of Jericho, for resurrection
Small Spray bottle
3 pieces of candy


Road Opening with a Rose of Jericho is a good ritual to do after your Springtime Cleaning and Clutter Clearing. The Rose of Jericho is also known as the Resurrection Plant, so this spell is perfect to begin on Good Friday, ending after midnight on Easter. At other times of year, use the Waxing Moon period, starting on Friday and ending on Sunday. This ritual first appeared on The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour.

To prepare, first clean your house, using cleaning supplies loaded with lemon such as Clorox with lemon or Pine-sol with lemon. If you don’t have cleaning supplies with lemon, you can always squeeze a tiny bit of lemon juice from a fresh lemon into your cleaning water. Lemon is a cleansing agent that removes negative energy.

It is important to pay special attention to places with clutter. Spirits love to hide in clutter. After you have wiped, mopped, swept and vacuumed, use a Cleansing/ Uncrossing Spray (such as Mama Vergi’s) in each room starting from the back of the house and working to the front. Pay special attention to your work area. Be sure to have your windows and doors open when cleaning – those spirits need somewhere to go.

As you clean your house you can pray the following prayer:Lord, purge my home from all negativity, Hindering Spirits, and bad energy. Evil WILL NOT live here! Famine WILL NOT live here! Hatred WILL NOT live here! Sickness WILL NOT Live Here! Poverty WILL NOT live Here! Loneliness WILL NOT live here! I cast you out of my life and back into the abyss!

After you finish cleansing, place a Bay Leaf in the corners of each room for protection.

To protect your ritual, draw a Triangle on your work space using a mixture of Cascilliara (White Egg shell powder) mixed with white pepper and powdered bay leaf. 

Place a 3-color (Orange, Green and Yellow) Road Opening Candle on the Top Tip of the triangle dressed with 3 drops of Road Opening oil. Place your Purple Candle on the Right Leg of your triangle dressed with 3 drops of Magnetic Success oil. Place your White Candle on the Left Leg of the triangle dressed with a pinch of verbena and agrimony and 3 drops of Power oil.

Bake or Fry your red onion peelings and then create a powder mixture of the red onion peelings, five finger grass and bayberry root chips. Also create a mixture of eyebright and sage to be used as an incense on a charcoal disk.

Write your petition and dress it with your condition oils and a pinch of your Bayberry, onion, and five finger grass powder. Place your petition in the middle of the Triangle. Place your white rice on top of your petition. Anoint your rice with 3 drops of Road Opening oil, 3 drops of Magnetic Success oil and 3 drops of Power oil. Put a bowl of Spring water in the middle of your rice bed on top of your petition. Place your Rose of Jericho in the bowl of water. Light your candles and let set for three days. During this time, your rice will be charging to use after the work is complete. During the Hour of the Sun each day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, light your mixture of eyebright and sage on a charcoal disk and pray the following:
Oh that You would bless me and enlarge my territory! 
Let your hand be with me and keep me from harm 
so that I will be free from pain. (1 Chronicles 4:10)
Thank you, Lord, for granting my request, 
As this Rose of Jericho opens so Shall my Roads of Success!

After midnight on the 3rd Day, your Rose of Jerichoshould have blossomed, and the water will be endowed with Power. Take a bit of that water and put it in a spray bottle with a pinch of five finger grass. Change the water once a week on Friday.

Lightly mist your now empowered rice and be sure not to soak it and make is soggy. Just lightly mist. Go to a 4-way crossroads and toss the rice towards the North, East, South and West and leave some candy for the guardian of the crossroads as an offering. Now, go home and BE Successful!

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Hoodoo Psychic Lady Muse ministers to the masses, helping them break free from the bondage of oppressive situations and uplifting their Spirit. Give her a call at hoodoopsychics.com.

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Happy Year of the OX Lunar New Year February 2

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Though Mercury retrograde is still in effect, we have a wonderful alignment that may just add some sweetness to our love lives. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the Venus/Mercury/Jupiter sandwich happening Valentine’s Day weekend to help you make the most of this divine alignment!

OX Lunar New Year

Approaching the 13th, we encounter a period for engaging in romantic talks that may lead to deeper commitment. Venus and Mercury snuggle up in a conjunction at 14° Aquarius, which has the potential to really sweeten our words and interactions. If you’re single and still looking, this could be a great weekend to strike up a conversation (socially distanced, of course!) with someone new, or to ramp up your dating profile!

Valentine’s Day Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune, adds his own blessing to the mix, catching up with Mercury at 13°. They form a conjunction setting the stage for an abundance of opportunities to expand our connections. For singles, this energy might appear as an increase in new potential matches. As for couples, this could manifest as a chance to expand on the love already there. Overall, it’s an auspicious time for exploring commitment or perhaps receiving a proposal!

The real showstopper happens Valentine’s Day as Jupiter comes into a conjunction with Venus. Though they don’t meet at exact degrees, this harmonious energy may still be palpable. Whenever Venus and Jupiter get together good things happen. Being known as the “greater and lesser benefics,” these two have a way of bringing the best of life right to your doorstep. This conjunction can heighten the chances of attracting your ideal partner. It is often viewed an indicator of marriage as well, but will serve to bless any relationship with joy and happiness.
Some tips for bringing the love this Valentine’s Day:  
• Carefully wipe your phone down with some Van Van oil, then dress your hands with a little Attraction oil before signing into your dating apps.

• Burn Come to Me or Bewitching incense while taking some fresh photos for your dating profile.

• Do a three-day moving candle spell starting on the 13th to draw in your desired partner. 

May love find you in every way! 

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Let Evan Lionhart inspire you with a personal reading on Hoodoo Psychics! Heartfelt conjure and traditional rootwork are his specialities.

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Deacon Millett Attracts New Love

Dream Lover Valentine Bath

This bath and novena ritual is to bring a new lover into your life. It’s perfect for anyone who will be spending Valentine’s Day alone and isn’t happy about it!

Begin by buying yourself some presents for Valentine’s Day — comfy sleepwear, fuzzy slippers, fresh flowers, and luxurious chocolates. Something indulgent. Arrange your presents before making this bath.

Dissolve one blue anil ball in very hot water. Add a few drops of Van Van oil and the juice of one lemon. Pour into your warm bath. Candles are a must!

This is a bath for letting go, so release your thoughts as best you can. Focus on the flickering light, the clean scent, the warmth. When you have had at least one thought-free moment, you may step out fresh, saving some of the bath water for later.


Now sit at your desk, vanity, or kitchen table. Write a list of all the things you want in a “perfect” mate. Now, see yourself as they would see you, and write out what they desire in YOU — all the things you have to offer!

Over your pot of reserved bath water, burn your first list to ash, and ask God and the Universe to bring you the right mate. Go to a crossroads and throw the water behind you, walking away.

Tape your second list, the best of you, to a red or pink glass-encased candle dressed with the love oil of your choice. Light it while enjoying your Valentine’s Day gifts, and use it in prayer for nine days.

Several years ago the Catholic bishops of England and Wales composed a novena prayer to support single people seeking a spouse! Here it is… 

Loving Father,
You know that the deepest desire of my heart is to meet someone I can share my life with.
I trust in your loving plan and ask to soon meet the one you have prepared for me.
Through the Holy Spirit, open my heart and mind so that I recognise my soulmate.
Remove any obstacles that may be in the way of this happy encounter,
So that I might find a new sense of wholeness, joy and peace.
Give me the grace too, to know and accept, if you have another plan for my life.
I surrender my past, present and future into the tender heart of your Son, Jesus,
Confident that my prayer will be heard and answered.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.
St Valentine, pray for me.

Light your red or pink candle daily, praying this novena for nine days.

Sister Jacqueline's Kitchen Conjure

Hot & Spicy Love Brownies

Spicing up your love life with food is nothing new. The mouth, a sensuous source of sensations, is one thing we can relate to from the moment we are born. We emit sounds from it, we take in nourishment with it, we use it to express inner emotions; it is truly one of the best ways to communicate feelings to one another.

With movies like the 2000 film “Chocolat” with Johnny Depp, the exploration of the sensual and food heightened the appeal of using food as a catalyst to great lovemaking experiences. Here is a recipe that will make your senses tingle, as it is sweet and spicy all in one bite!

We use traditional hoodoo spices in our brownie mix to heat things up in different ways, as each element of cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and ginger adds a bit of “heat” in their own unique way.


Combine in a separate bowl:
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1 3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon (a traditional hoodoo spice for warm, affectionate love)
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper (traditionally used in hoodoo to “take that fi-yah up a notch!”)
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger (used in hoodoo to “heat things up” in a more subtle way)
1/2 teaspoon salt

Combine in a separate bowl:
1 1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup, packed, brown sugar
1 cup butter (two sticks) at room temperature

Combine in separate bowl:
4 eggs (beaten with a whisk or a low setting on your mixer)
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
1/4 tablespoon corn oil (can substitute vegetable oil)

Sparingly add cold brewed coffee as needed for moisture (no more than 1/4 cup total)


Hand mixer or counter top mixer
Wire Whisk (optional)
Rubber mixing paddle or scraper
Rectangular baking dish
Secondary cookie sheet
Cutting board or wire rack (for cooling)
Parchment Paper or aluminum foil
Cooking oil spray


Preheat oven to 350°, and line a rectangular baking dish (either a 9 X 13 inch or a 12 X 7 inch) with enough parchment paper or foil so that there is a slight overhang (for easier removal). Lightly mist with cooking spray and place the prepared baking dish on cookie sheet .

Sift together the flour, cocoa powder, cinnamon, salt, and cayenne pepper, and set aside.

Place the butter in a bowl and use your hand mixer/countertop mixer on low to cream, adding sugar in small amounts until well whipped. Set aside.

Whip the eggs together with the oil. then add  slowly to the butter/sugar mixture.

With the rubber paddle/scraper, fold  the dry ingredients into the mixture in small amounts, and gently fold over and over until they are incorporated, taking care not to over-mix.

If the mix appears too dry, add cold, previously brewed black coffee (from the morning’s coffee) in one teaspoon amounts until you determine that the mix is moist. USE SPARINGLY.

Pour the batter into your prepared pan, and set the smaller baking pan on the larger cookie sheet. This is to make sure heat is evenly distributed over the entire length of the bottom of baking pan.

Bake for about 55 minutes, checking at that time, or just until a toothpick inserted comes out fairly clean. (It’s not quite the same doing a “toothpick test” on fudge-y brownies, as these brownies are more “cake-like.” You still may get a little batter, but it shouldn’t be too wet.) If in doubt, bake 5 minutes more, making sure you are close to the oven to continue to check at that time.

Allow to cool in baking dish for about 10 minutes, and then, using the overhanging parchment paper or foil, lift the brownies out and allow them to completely cool on cutting board or wire rack and to set and firm up for you (which can take 3-5 hours!) before cutting.

NOTE: For those not accustomed to spicy foods, have a glass of milk close by as it helps to temper the taste buds and tongue if necessary, and will help you enjoy these spicy little bites of hot love deliciousness!


Miss Elvyra On Seasonal Magic

CANDLEMAS The Return of Light

Pagans celebrate the returning of light after the Winter Solstice on February 1st, Imbolg or Imbolc. In Old Irish, Imbolg translates to surrounding her belly or around the belly, meaning the Earth Mother’s womb, the land and soil, the beginning of fertility of the land. This is the time when the goddess Persephone renews herself from the underworld. In the cycle of renewal the young god (the Sun) is growing from child to youth.

The holiday became Christianized as Candlemas, Saint Brigid’s day, February 2nd, and was a celebration of purification. In Greece, this time was the Lesser Eleusian Mysteries, when the youth were initiated in the mysteries, and in Rome, Lupercalia was celebrated.

Rituals of light, not heat, to encourage growth and fertility of crops took place to herald the coming of Spring. Omens were taken on this day, especially around weather and hibernating animals, such a groundhogs, who were said to predict the coming season.

The message is to purify, initiate, and quicken with activities/spells for growth, increased money, healing, and blessings of crops, animals, and children. The rowan tree, laurel, violet, primrose, and amethyst stone are useful at this time.
Imbolc Rituals And Spells
Purification or Cleansing
   • Use a burning sage stick and a cup of salted water. Go counterclockwise (widdershins) around each room, any ritual items(s), and one’s self,  first with sage and then sprinkling with the salt water. 

Omens And Messages
   • To scry, take a bowl of water, place on a table, darken the room, and light one white candle in front of the bowl.  Gaze into the water, soft focusing, and let the candle flame flicker over the water, opening you to visions.
   • To dream true (prophetically), keep this charm under your pillow: a cloth bag with mugwort and a length of red cord, the two ends knotted together.

Financial Prosperity
   • Bury your financial petition request with a seed (or a seedling). Water it for renewal.
   • Rub a Buckeye with money drawing oil, place in a bag with 3 pinches of basil, magnetic sand, a large denomination coin, and a $2 bill or $5 bill. Carry this with you and renew the money drawing oil from time to time.

Health And Wellness
   • To heal from a distance, create a talisman by choosing a lodestone or quartz crystal. Charge it by prayers, incantations, setting on your altar, putting out in the sun and moon. Call on Hekate or a personal deity of healing from your tradition and/or Archangel Raphael. Place it on the person’s picture/name paper/petition.
   • Carry three acorns and a piece of sassafras root in a green or gold bag for continued good health.
These are but a few ways to work with Imbolg/Candlemas and the returning of the light.

A New Ritual From Evan Lionhart

With Liberty & Peaceful Transitions For All

Despite 2021 starting off in the manner of a drama-packed action film, we can still be inspired through our faith and magic to cultivate inner peace. I designed the following spell with the intent to assist with overcoming trying times during periods of transition and first shared it on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour. I hope it inspires you to find a place of stillness for yourself, your family and communities.

You will need: 

Printouts of:
The Six of Swords 
Your country (you may want to include the photos of any newly elected party members)

Brown sugar  
White sugar
Vanilla bean pieces
Shell of a whole walnut
6 Broom straws 
Peace water
Tranquility oil 
White plate
White thread
Black or Blue pen 
White or Blue taper candle; something to set it in
Clean jar to put everything in

Take the printout of the Six of Swords and write a prayer from your heart for peaceful transition. You may use a Psalm if you choose, such as Psalms 1 or Psalms 91. Set this aside face up on your white plate.

Take your clean jar and place the broom straws inside, praying that any obstacles in the way of peace be swept aside. Fill it about a third full with Peace Water and set it on top of the plate to the side.

Dress your taper candle with Tranquility oil and light it. Begin to make a small packet with the picture of your country and elected leaders using cloves, lavender, and vanilla bean pieces. Fold it towards you before fastening it with the thread. Place it inside one half of a wholed walnut shell, praying Genesis 7:1 as you do so. Fill this half of the shell as much as you can with both brown and white sugar, then place the empty half on top. Use the remaining thread to wrap the shell closed before using the wax from your taper to seal the shell completely.

Once the wax has completely dried, place the shell inside of your jar, allowing it to gently float on top of the peace water, and close your jar. Burn one dressed tealight or taper daily on the jar for 40 days. At the end of 40 days, take your walnut “ark” out of the jar and bury it under a potted plant, such as a peace lily. Pray Genesis 8:21 over the remaining peace water before using to bless and dress your home, walkway, and neighborhood.

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Let Evan Lionhart inspire you with a personal reading on Hoodoo Psychics! Heartfelt conjure and traditional rootwork are his specialities.

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Jewish Magic With Dr. Jeremy Weiss

Yeal Milk Jug Spell Brings A Swift End To Unwanted Guests

In the Book of Judges, Deborah prophesied that the honor of defeating King Jabin’s army would go to a woman. The commander of the army, Sisera, fled the battle site and took refuge at a tent on the plain of Zaanaim. Exhausted, Sisera requests Yael to bring him some water, but istead she pours him milk from her jug, knowing that it will make the general sleepy. Once asleep, she grabs a tent peg and pounds the spike into the commander’s head with a hammer, killing him and fulfilling the prophecy of Deborah.

Find a milk jug and, in it, place a tent spike, a hammer, Psalms 79 (which is a death curse), vandal root, salt, and black pepper. Like milk, vandal root causes a relaxing sleep and is used across the front steps with salt and black pepper to keep out dangerous, disruptive, and unwanted houseguests.

One of the magical techniques of the Hebrew people is “contagious” magic — placing a magical object in close contact with the intended target. Another powerful technique used in Jewish magic is to place cursed objects into the ground (so they can be removed, should you want to reverse the spell). Therefore, combine both techniques by burying the milk jug under the front door threshold so the curse will transfer to the target as they approach your home.  
Join the Jewish Magic Festival on February 27-March 1st
for over 10 hours of instructional workshops
in the mystical and magical practices of the Jewish people.

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Learn more about Dr. Jeremy Weiss on his Hoodoo Psychics biography page. He’s ready to get to work for you!

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Evan Lionhart Brings The Spirit Of Christmas

Festive Blessing Incene Spell For a Brighter Healthier Year

Season’s greetings! As we prepare to leave 2020 behind, I thought it’d be nice to end this year with a blessing. Here’s a 7-day jar spell to ensure both friends and family alike have all they need and more for the year to come. We start this spell on Christmas Eve and infuse it with prayer for seven days before sending our loved ones with wishes of peace, health, and good fortune.

You will need:
Strips or squares of paper to write on
Black or blue pen
7 white taper candles
A large, clean mason jar
Cinnamon sticks or chips
Pine needles (use the ones from your tree, if you have)
Life everlasting 
A pack or two of Blessing incense, depending on your jar size
Blessing oil

Start this spell on Christmas eve morning, ideally before the rest of your family arises. To your clean mason jar, add the Blessing incense and a handful of dried pine needles. Recap the jar and dress a white taper candle with Blessing oil. Affix it to the top, light it, and let it burn down.

The next day add the cinnamon, praying for love and money for all those concerned. Repeat the process of capping the jar, setting a Blessing taper atop, and allowing it to burn down. Repeat this process daily for each remaining ingredient: Frankincense, Myrrh, Basil, Pyrite, and Life Everlasting. After seven days your incense will be complete. 

On New Years Eve a half hour before midnight, you can begin the spell. Write out a name paper for the person you wish to bless and place it in your right hand along with some of the incense. Throw this into a firepit or fireplace, calling the name of the person you want to bless followed by an appropriate blessing ( ______, may you have good health, luck, and find successful employment this year; _____ may you find the money to purchase the car you desire). As the smoke rises, your prayers will rise to meet their spirits in the new year.

See you in 2021!

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Let Evan Lionhart inspire you with a personal reading on Hoodoo Psychics! Heartfelt conjure and traditional rootwork are his specialities.

© 2022. Used With Permission.