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Hoodoo Psychic
Doc Murphy

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I am a Witch Doctor.

The "Doc" in my name is the real deal; I have a PhD in cultural anthropology with a specialization in world religions. The reading, rootwork and other cultural magics that I perform and coach people in are derived from decades of spiritual and religious study, both academically and personally. I am ceaselessly passionate about the world's wisdom traditions. While I identify as a Pagan Witch and folk religionist, I have also apprenticed and studied with teachers of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, African Diaspora religions, Native American traditions, and Earth-reverent Pagan traditions. You can be assured that whatever tradition you come from, I will be able to understand and guide you through the perspective of your culture -- and I'll be of great help to you if your path is eclectic.

My intuitive gifts came early in life, were necessarily stifled growing up in a trauma-laden household, and burst forth again in adulthood. I am particularly perceptive about people and their motivations, and I'm driven to help people find their true path and to channel their own inner wisdom. The spiritual journey is hard, rewarding, sweet, and meaningful, and I love to help guide people toward their purpose. I will give you an honest reading ... but I'll also make you read and study!

I am a reiki master, shamanic healer, tranceworker, sacred singer, and dancer. I heal spiritual wounds and work with guides, entities, and spirits to help you find the wisdom you already carry to empower you and transform your life.

I perform hoodoo, rootwork, and European-style witchcraft for Blessing, Cleansing, Healing, and Tranquility, wisdom, study, money, work, love, reconciliation, cleansing, jinx removal, curse breaking, and protection. I take on justified cursing and justice-focused revenge work after a thorough divination and examination of your intent. If the spirits say proceed, we will -- but if they say no, the answer is no. You as a client will be involved in the rootwork, regardless of condition. We work together toward your goal.

I love to teach magic -- not just how to do it, but where in the world cultures it comes from, and why it works. Magic is a sacred art and has significant cultural importance. My anthropological discipline informs me on how necessary respect and humility are for the boundaries of human cultural traditions. There is a difference between cultural eclecticism and misappropriation; if that intrigues you, I'm happy to be your magical coach.

I also am a writer, scholar, and lecturer on magic, the occult, and esoteric religions. I'm frequently tapped for public speaking and teaching at conferences and events.

My methods are direct and clear with a big dash of humor thrown in, and full of a lot of book recommendations – I am a true magic nerd and a nutty professor. I look forward to meeting you and learning how I can be of help to you as you seek your ultimate truth.

You may read more about me at my The Sybil's Kitchen website.

I offer hoodoo psychic readings with these tools and methods:

Card Readings, Psychic Reading, Intuitive Reading, and Clairvoyant Reading, Bibliomancy from the Bible or Other Sacred Books, Candle Reading, Pyromancy, Ceromancy, and Wax Reading, Cup Reading, Tea Leaf Reading, and Coffee Ground Reading, Mediumship and Contact with the Dead, Divination and Fortune Telling by Scrying, Crystal Ball Reading, and Visionary Reading, Obi and Diloggun Readings, Pendulum Readings, Interpretations of Dreams and by Reading Signs, and Omens, Divination and Fortune Telling by Norse Runes or the Futhark, Lithomancy, Reading Stones.

I use conjure to help you with these spiritual conditions:

Love Drawing, Romance, Marriage, Fidelity, and Reconciliation, Blessing, Cleansing, Healing, and Tranquility, Protection From Enemies, Warding Off Evil, and Safe Travel, Jinx Breaking, Uncrossing, Reversing, and Road Opening, Court Cases, Legal Matters, and Keeping Off the Law , Spirituality, Psychism, Mental Influence, and Dreaming, Crossing, Jinxing, Hot Footing, Revenge, and Break Ups.

I perform rootwork using these spell casting techniques:

Altar Work and Prayers, Spell Casting, Bottle, Jar, Box, and Potted Plant Spells, Fixed Candle Spells, Moving Candle Spells, Lamp Spells, Setting Lights, Spiritual Cleansings, Bathing, Foot Washing, Cleansing With An Egg, Smoking, Smudging, Censing, Cleansing Locations, Doll Babies, Voodoo Dolls, and Poppets, Mojo Bags, Conjure Hands, Nation Sacks, Jomos, Trick Bags, and Jack Balls, Magical Talismans, Amulets, Charms, and Enchanted Jewelry, Prescribing Spiritual Supplies, Herbs, Oils, Incense, Bath Crystals, Sachet Powders, Washes, Waters, Perfumes, Colognes , Working with Spirits, Ancestors, Deities, Saints, and Angels, Working in the Graveyard, Working at the Crossroads, Exorcisms and Spirit Removal, Magical Coaching.


“Doc Murphy is a powerful magician and superb reiki practitioner. I have received healing from her on more occasions than I can count and she is great. Her magical work is strong and on point. I have received a lot of magical advice and work from her, and I am always impressed.” -- Julie M.

“Doc Murphy was spot on with everything in my reading. From my finances to my family, everything was right. This was my first tarot reading and previously in life, I had been a bit skeptical of things like this. Doc Murphy made me a believer!!” -- Ruthie W.

“Doc Murphy has been a reader for me for about 2 years now. I know well enough that she's so accurate… she explains each card, its symbolism and what it means in layman's terms as well as in rootwork terminology. She has helped not only suggest what I can do to ease a situation and make it better, but has also been encouraging as well as realistic about situations, even when I haven't been ready to accept them.” -- C.W.

“I recommend Doc’s services not only because she is a talented, intuitive, intelligent reader but because she has the biggest heart, and only ever wants to help.” -- Lelly

“Doc Murphy has wonderfully practical insight. Her tarot readings, rootwork advice and psychic messages always give me the comfort I need, while also making me feel empowered to tackle the conditions at hand.” --Maranda

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