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“The Lord hears his people when they call to him for help. He rescues them from all their troubles.” - Psalms 34:17-18

What exactly is RootWork?

Let’s go back to where it all began, to the roots, as it were, for a proper rootwork definition.

There is a lot of talk these days about ‘plant medicine’ – but long before there were boutique hugging parties or even online herbal supplement shops, there was an awareness that plants held the master key to healing. Hoodoo conjure rootwork combines rootwork conjure medicine with the practice of seeking insight through supernatural ‘divination’ and communication with spirits in another dimension, just out of view for most mere mortals.

It is alchemy, at its grandest, serving the purpose of changing matter (our surroundings, the people in our lives, and most importantly, ourselves) through the practice of focused intention.

To be more specific, Root Work is older than old-time-religion with its ‘roots’ in the ancient.

Who Are Root Workers ? What is a Root Worker

in Louisiana?

Though often falsely depicted as a ‘sorcerer,’ or a ‘witch doctor,’ the modern rootworkers are not required to wear a cone-shaped hat or sing “Ooh ee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang.” A true Root Worker is a qualified, trained professional in the art of ‘rootwork conjure,’ or the practice of magical arts, ‘rooted’ in rural Southern, African American teachings.

Another root worker definition is traditional healers and conjurers of the rural, black South.

What Do Root Workers Do?

A real root worker utilizes spells, potions, herbs and ‘roots’ to cast rootworker spells and does so in a solemn, reverent and responsible way. The practitioner generously frees his or her client from the burden of taking on any negative repercussions from the work. A good root worker would never try to substitute medical advice from a professional or even just practical effort on the part of his or her client. Root Work is intended to supplement wise choices and healthy decisions, not replace them.

How Efficient Can Root Workers Be?

A good root worker does not make claims that their work is guaranteed or beyond the intercession of ‘God,’ or a ‘higher power,’ however one defines that. Results can vary from immediate and obvious to more gradual and subtle. The practice, however, is effective, as can be surmised from countless testimonials throughout the ages. Setting one’s mind to making a difference and then petitioning the spirits through tried-and-true measures is proven time and time again to be very powerful and should never be approached lightly.

Are there root workers near me? Where To Find Powerful Conjure Root Workers…

You can find a variety of practitioners through hoodoo psychics. These are men and women who have made the practice their life’s work. Each of them is a powerful root worker!

All of them have experience in areas ranging from attracting love, right livelihood, justice, good health and happiness to cursing an enemy in the mildest to the most severe ways. This network of hoodoo psychics, while acting independently, are generous in their habit of referring specific types of work to the appropriate person in the field, if and when they feel a client needs a particular person’s expertise. A Roots Worker may be found in any city in the US and is as easy to locate as your favorite search engine on your laptop. Find out if hoodoo rootwork is for you.

Here is the day, we must welcome it with song.

Marie Laveau, 19th century Louisiana Creole practitioner of Voodoo, renowned in New Orleans.

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