In the Japanese language the word kaeru means frog, but it also means return, so people put a little glass frog in their wallet so their money will return to them. 

In light of this I give you the money spell “Kaeru Kaeru”:

First, you will need a lodestone. Place it on top of some bills to create a money altar. From your favorite Asia mart, bead store, or glass shop, get three tiny green frogs. Place them with the lodestone. Each day chant “money come back to me, kaeru, kaeru” three times.

On the third day, place one frog in your coin purse or wallet, one in the coin holder of your car, and leave the last with the lodestone. 

Whenever you spend the money from these places, say or think “kaeru kaeru.”

If you receive change, put some of the coins or bills on the money altar, and tell the little frog that its friends say hi. 

To strengthen the spell, add a little lodestone grit and magnetic sand to both the car’s coin holder and your purse/wallet. 

This spell won’t make you rich, but it will keep a steady flow of money coming to you.

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