Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Though Mercury retrograde is still in effect, we have a wonderful alignment that may just add some sweetness to our love lives. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the Venus/Mercury/Jupiter sandwich happening Valentine’s Day weekend to help you make the most of this divine alignment!

OX Lunar New Year

Approaching the 13th, we encounter a period for engaging in romantic talks that may lead to deeper commitment. Venus and Mercury snuggle up in a conjunction at 14° Aquarius, which has the potential to really sweeten our words and interactions. If you’re single and still looking, this could be a great weekend to strike up a conversation (socially distanced, of course!) with someone new, or to ramp up your dating profile!

Valentine’s Day Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune, adds his own blessing to the mix, catching up with Mercury at 13°. They form a conjunction setting the stage for an abundance of opportunities to expand our connections. For singles, this energy might appear as an increase in new potential matches. As for couples, this could manifest as a chance to expand on the love already there. Overall, it’s an auspicious time for exploring commitment or perhaps receiving a proposal!

The real showstopper happens Valentine’s Day as Jupiter comes into a conjunction with Venus. Though they don’t meet at exact degrees, this harmonious energy may still be palpable. Whenever Venus and Jupiter get together good things happen. Being known as the “greater and lesser benefics,” these two have a way of bringing the best of life right to your doorstep. This conjunction can heighten the chances of attracting your ideal partner. It is often viewed an indicator of marriage as well, but will serve to bless any relationship with joy and happiness.
Some tips for bringing the love this Valentine’s Day:  
• Carefully wipe your phone down with some Van Van oil, then dress your hands with a little Attraction oil before signing into your dating apps.

• Burn Come to Me or Bewitching incense while taking some fresh photos for your dating profile.

• Do a three-day moving candle spell starting on the 13th to draw in your desired partner. 

May love find you in every way! 

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