In the Book of Judges, Deborah prophesied that the honor of defeating King Jabin’s army would go to a woman. The commander of the army, Sisera, fled the battle site and took refuge at a tent on the plain of Zaanaim. Exhausted, Sisera requests Yael to bring him some water, but istead she pours him milk from her jug, knowing that it will make the general sleepy. Once asleep, she grabs a tent peg and pounds the spike into the commander’s head with a hammer, killing him and fulfilling the prophecy of Deborah.

Find a milk jug and, in it, place a tent spike, a hammer, Psalms 79 (which is a death curse), vandal root, salt, and black pepper. Like milk, vandal root causes a relaxing sleep and is used across the front steps with salt and black pepper to keep out dangerous, disruptive, and unwanted houseguests.

One of the magical techniques of the Hebrew people is “contagious” magic — placing a magical object in close contact with the intended target. Another powerful technique used in Jewish magic is to place cursed objects into the ground (so they can be removed, should you want to reverse the spell). Therefore, combine both techniques by burying the milk jug under the front door threshold so the curse will transfer to the target as they approach your home.  
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