There are plenty of people who can’t make sense of school — as Marshall McLuhan said, “The medium is the message,” and to these folks it seems like the curriculum is boredom, slavery and disrespect.

It doesn’t mean they can’t learn, or that they’re lazy (though they may veg out from sheer discouragement, if the situation is bad enough). They just need to fall in love with learning.

So let’s treat it like any other love spell.

King Solomon Wisdom is the basis of this work. It has a long tradition of use for school success. Spike your child’s grooming products and the laundry supplies with it. Dress schoolbooks and school supplies, and homework papers, too, if you can get hold of them. (You might also want to add some Crown of Success to the mix. Crucible of Courage, too, if discouragement is an issue.)

That much is obvious, but there’s more:

Treat schoolbooks like they want  attention: Dress them with Look Me Over, Attraction and other such formulas.

If you take your child to school, put a little King Solomon Wisdom on the floor of the car, so it gets tracked  all over school. If they wear glasses, dress the frames with the oils.

A simple mojo bag with Solomon’s Seal root, Star Anise, and Five Finger Grass will help anyone think clearly, understand others, and gain a good opinion by proving their competence.

If your child won’t wear a mojo bag, you can put these herbs in a honey jar with a snip of hair and a prayer that his or her curiosity comes alive and that learning becomes easy and fun.

Some of the oldest spells for school success are quite simple: Sleeping with a textbook under one’s pillow, for instance; or standing on it — putting it underfoot — and praying for mastery.

A love of learning will last a lifetime and be the foundation for all success.