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Mama Vergi

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Namaste. My name is Mama Vergi, I am an ordained Minister at House of Self Empowerment and a Spiritual Coach. My Spiritual gifts include the ability to discern and connect with people at a distance by picking up and interpreting colors I see while doing a reading on them. I can discern good and evil through the colors I see and feel while working with a client. This gift came to me at the age of twelve, and through the years Spirit has bestowed on me the ability to teach and guide others with difficult lives. I also have a web store where I sell conjure and metaphysical supplies, including herbs, teas, oils, incense, pendulums, flags, CDs, DVDs, books, talismans, and jewelry that are helpful to those working within a variety of occult and folk magic traditions, and I can prescribe spiritual supplies for your use. In addition, I make and employ doll babies and mojo bags, and I prepare blessed and fixed talismans and jewelry for clients.

My background lies within the Baptist, New Thought, and New Age traditions, but I work with and serve clients of all faiths, and consider myself to be an eclectic practitioner. I am well trained and have studied under master teachers such as Miss Catherine Yronwode, and at Crossroads University, the Holistic Learning Center, and House of Self Empowerment. Among those whose teachings have influenced me are Edgar Cayce, Ram Dass, Stuart Wilde, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and Deepak Chopra.

My gifts have evolved to a level in which I can help others achieve the peace of mind, knowledge, healing, forgiveness of past deep-rooted hurt and pain that many have and are experiencing right now, causing disruptions of marriages, dysfunctional relationship within the home, at work and in many other areas. I can sense the unknown, and I will guide you, through Spirit, to manifest your own self-empowered life permanently, which will unite you as one spirit in the Namaste consciousness in both the natural and spiritual realms.

My divinations are psychic and intuitive. As an intuitive, feeling psychic, I can feel messages and deliver them when needed. Using my prophetic gift, I can feel and double check what is needed to resolve a situation – what to use and how much. Through my readings and spiritual coaching, I provide successful services to clients in the areas of prosperity, love, career, and family, as well as providing encouragement and guidance in matters of addiction, weight loss, and unhealthy relationships. I love helping others and the gifts Spirit gives me allows me to be a blessing to people who are hurting, alone, and have nowhere to turn to. With over forty years experience in the educational system, I’ve touched many lives with my gifts. I’ve been a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, and counselor to many students who lacked attention and love in the home. Many failed in relationships because they simply don’t know how to love – for this is the missing ingredient in many of our homes.

If you are interested in changing your life forever by digging down deep into the core of what’s keeping you from healing and obtaining whatever you desire in life, I teach a 16-week course in self-mastery consisting of weekly two hour group sessions that are taught via videoconferencing.

I have been blessed in many, many ways in my life and I’m so happy Spirit gives me the gifts to give back. My biggest payback is to hear someone say I helped them and what I saw for them came to pass. It fills my heart to know I was a blessing in someone’s life who had to walk through the wilderness alone but met me and I was able to walk with them and guide them to the end.

My motto is the old Buddhist proverb, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

You may read more about me at my Vergi's Life Coaching website.

I offer hoodoo psychic readings with these tools and methods:

Psychic Reading, Bibliomancy.

I use conjure to help you with these spiritual conditions:

Love and Reconciliation, Money and Business, Blessing and Healing, Career and Mastery , Protection, Uncrossing and Road Opening, Court Case and Legal, Spirituality.

I perform rootwork using these spell casting techniques:

Altar Work and Prayers, Bottle, Jar, Box, and Potted Plant Spells, Fixed Candle Spells, Setting Lights, Spiritual Cleansings, Bathing, Foot Washing, Cleansing With An Egg, Smoking, Smudging, Censing, Cleansing of a Location, Doll Babies, Voodoo Dolls, and Poppets, Prescribing Spiritual Supplies , Mojo Bags, Conjure Hands, Nation Sacks, Jomos, Trick Bags, and Jack Balls, Magical Talismans, Amulets, Charms, and Enchanted Jewelry, Working with Angels and Archangels, African and African-Diasporic Ancestral Traditions, Magical Coaching and Spiritual Advice.


“Mama Vergi is a delight to work with. At a low point in my life she helped me overcome the feeling of giving up by helping me to identify the root of my problem and guiding me through the necessary steps to overcome them. Thank You Mama Vergi!” -- N.M.

“I really enjoyed working with Mama Vergi as she is very comforting and intuitive in regards to my situation. I always feel so much better every time I talk to her!” -- L.M.

“I did not realize how much past baggage I had and how much it was weighing me down until I started working with Mama Vergi. I feel so free now and working with more healthier ways of coping with stress. Thank you Mama Vergi.” -- R.G.

“Mama Vergi was right on point with my situation. Everything happened exactly as she described. I was blown away. Thank You Mama Vergi!” -- B.C.

“Mama Vergi helped guide me through a difficult time in my marriage. She was so encouraging and helped me see that there were some things that I could improve in myself that would help my marriage. She was so right!” -- C.J.

“I had issues with my children and Mama Vergi set lights and showed me what to do to bring my family back together and keep the peace in my home.” -- T.J.

“I would recommend Mama Vergi in a heartbeat. She is compassionate , encouraging and will still tell it like it is. If you want to see change in your life for the better, give her a call.” -- L.W.

“When I lost my job, I almost lost my mind! Mama Vergi prayed with me and gave me instructions on raising my vibrations to open doors of success.” -- J.M.

“My love life was horrible and I thought that I would never find a mate. After working with Mama Vergi and following her guidance I am now happily married.” -- S.S.

“Things seemed to be upside down in my life. I contacted Mama Vergi and after talking with her she helped me understand that holding on to the past was hindering me from progression. I am so glad that she opened my eyes.” -- B.D.

“Mama Vergi helped me realize that I had to fix myself first in order to be a good partner for someone else. Thank You Mama Vergi for your wisdom.” -- S.F.

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