Spring is a time of growth, and a simple way to bring renewal to your life and your environment is by growing plants and herbs, which will spread your intentions in an earth-conscious and healthy way.

If you have a garden or a place where you can plant flowers, even in pots, this is a spell for you. Pick a flowering plant that you like — in this case, let’s use marigolds. Marigolds, also known as Calendulas, are used to attract money and luck. 

First, write your petition three times on a small piece of paper, for example “bring luck and money to me”; then write your name across it three times. 

Anoint it with Money Drawing oil in a 5-spot pattern. Place your petition at the bottom of the hole where the flowers will be planted, or at the bottom of the pot.

Pray over the dirt that will go in the pot, or that will cover the plant in the ground, then plant the marigold. 

Fill a container of water and bless it, or add holy water to it. Pray that this marigold brings you prosperity and money. 

Use this water to irrigate your marigold. When this plant grows, it will attract bees and butterflies. Every time a bee lands on the flower and pollinates, it will spread your intention out into the world. 

Other plants bees like: Lavender and Lilacs.
Bulbs: Irises (Queen Elizabeth) and Hyacinth.
Flowers: Roses for love.

Planting herbs is another way to spread your intentions. Using the same idea, plant herbs in your garden or a window box, bless the ground, and then water before planting them. Plant Sage (against the evil eye), Rosemary (for peaceful home, cleansing, and happy marriage), Marjoram (for protection), and Oregano (keeps the law away). Every time you use these herbs, you will be adding your intention to your dishes.

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