After “Will it happen or not?” and “What is he or she thinking?” the most frequently asked question that psychic readers and rootworkers receive from clients is, “When will it come to pass?” In other words, “When will the reading come true?” or “When will the rootwork we are doing show results?”

Yes, clients often ask psychic readers to tell them when an event will happen, and professional readers are comfortable with that question, of course. But making a useful reply can be complex.

Sometimes the reader gives a clear answer, and sometimes not. Failure to provide a clear time-line does not always mean that the reader is failing. It may mean that you, as the client, have not asked the right questions, or it may mean that you have chosen a reader whose method of divination does not lend itself to the knowledge of a hard time-line.

Let’s break this down.

Ask “How long should I wait?”

If you don’t ask your reader about timing, you may not get a date.

To put this another way, when you consult a professional reader, you have to ask questions! If a psychic reader says, “Chances look good for a satisfactory outcome” — for whatever situation is on your mind — you can ask, “Do you see a time-frame during which i can expect this to either happen or not happen?” This question can be asked of a reader who is only doing divination or of a root doctor or magical coach who will be working with you on your case.

No psychic will be offended by this question — but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

Listen closely to the answer.

If your reader says, “I see this as either succeeding or failing within the next month,” that does not mean that the reader “guaranteed it would happen within a month.”

If the reader says, “I see this as a situation in which opportunities for success are narrowing and closing down,” that does not mean that the reader “said success is not possible.”

Be prepared to act on the
information you are given.

When a positive outcome is said to be likely (and remember, we cannot guarantee results), commit yourself to doing the work indicated and check back with your reader as time goes by. In addition to a reading, you may make a contract with a spell-caster or magical coach to cover a specific number of check readings that your rootwork is ongoing.

When a negative outcome is said to be likely (again, remember that we do not guarantee results), ask your reader, “What methods should we use and how long should we continue to work on this situation before giving up?”

The form of reading affects the time-senses of the psychic.

As readers and root doctors, we are dealing with probabilities more often than with certainties (just the same way that medical doctors do), so we cannot always give you a precise date, but a general date range is often suggested by the form of divination we use.

To be specific, here are some of the ways that the form of divination affects the reader’s inclination to give you a “When” answer:

   • If you want hard dates, seek out an Astrologer and get natal charts, progressed charts, and transiting charts done for all the parties involved in the situation — the results can be amazingly precise.
   • With Numerology you will also be able to ask for, and may be given, specific times, by year, month, and date.
  • With Card Readings you are generally looking about three to six months into the future, but if you ask about “ever,” a distant future may be revealed.
  • With Pictorial Card Readings, such as tarot, lenormand, or oracle cards, if you ask a specific “When?” question, the reader may be able to associate a certain card image with a month or season of the year.
  • With Tea Leaf Readings you are looking about four weeks into the future, according to the old tea-reader’s adage, “four turns to the bottom” of the cup.
  • With Pendulum Readings you are getting a “yes” or “no” and it is difficult to assign dates, without the reader asking additional “yes” or “no” questions about date-ranges.
  • With the I Ching you may (or may not) get seasonal indications (Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter) rather than dates.
  • With Palmistry you will get age-ranges (“in your thirties,” “toward your fifties”) rather than dates.
  • With Spirit Mediumship you may get dates or you may not, depending on the spirit who speaks.

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Miss Cat Yronwode is a writer, teacher, historian, designer, editor, perfumer, and herbalist. All readers at Hoodoo Psychics are graduates of her Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course, a one-year intensive course in spiritual conjure practice. Speak with her weekly on Saturdays at 1-7PM Pacific Time.

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