In our lives, we encounter times where we feel that nothing is going right and that someone may have placed a curse on us. These are the times when things break and communication is misconstrued, or the message is not received well by those listening to us. The simplest of tasks become mountains to climb, and there are days when you feel that it is best for the World if you stay in bed with the covers over your head. Each and every one of us has had times like these. The resolution to these issues is doing candle spell work to remove these obstacles and clearing your path. Once you open your roads, the way is clear, and the journey to your destination is easier. Here are a few tips to removing these blocks to your Success and Happiness.

Roadblocks that are spiritual in Nature are frustratingly immobilizing and keep us from moving forward, just like barriers and construction on the highway. It seems that all the positive energy has dissipated and left, only to cause a complete standstill of any advancement. This could be a concern if you are expecting money to be sent or given to you, a promotion or a raise, or even a proposal of marriage or business partnership. As the positive energy grinds to a stop, it feels like negativity takes over, and mishaps and accidents, unusual mistakes, forgetfulness, illness, and even legal or relationship problems create a humongous storm of negative occurrences that drives you deeper into sadness and despair.

There is hope, however, for you to turn bad luck into good and create the positive energy to get your forward movement going again. 

An optimistic future is in your hands — to gain financial stability, new horizons for success, a loving relationship, and a happy home once again. Achieving this will take focus and a strong mindset to overcome obstacles.
•  Bottle of Florida Water or Lemon Juice
•  Paper Towel or soft cloth
•  1 Road Opener 7 day “Novena” type Vigil Candle 
•  1 bottle of Road Opener Anointing or Condition Oil
•  1 Photo of Yourself
•  1 Petition on white paper of what you want to achieve (be specific) and by what date you want to achieve it (month/year). 

Clean candle (insides and out) with Florida Water or Lemon Juice to remove dust and production/warehouse residues. Clean outside of glass, inside rim of glass, top of wax, and gently pull cleaning cloth or paper towel on the wick to clean it as well. Set aside to dry.

Write petition with what you want to achieve. Turn paper to a 90 degree angle (one quarter turn) and write your full name NINE times one under the other (stacked one on top of another) so that you can clearly see each set of names written under another.

Anoint four corners of petition paper
 with Road Opener Oil first and then center of petition paper in a Quincunx pattern (anoint upper left hand corner, then lower right hand corner, then upper right hand corner, then lower left hand corner and lastly, the center).

Place photo of yourself on top of petition paper and then set candle on top of both.

Place three drops of Road Opener Oil in top of candle wax, using your dominant hand index finger to circle the oil counterclockwise three times, saying this prayer:

I call upon the intervention of the Angels, Saints, and the Heavenly Beings to obtain success in all areas of my life and to remove all obstacles that are in my way. I petition the aid of the Holy Spirit, so that my house is happy and filled with love and that I receive good luck, sent by Divine Providence. Guardian Angel, I implore your supreme majesty, power and might, so that you keep me from danger, and that my way is illuminated by the light of Good Luck and Success.  I believe in God, who created the World and all within, the Angels and Saints, who intercede for us, and the Holy Spirit who guides us all.  Amen.

Place entire setup of this candle spell in a fire safe container and in an area that will not be disturbed by pets or children. Keep away from anything flammable. You may keep this candle going continuously, or you may extinguish it, when necessary, by placing a small saucer over the candle to snuff it out or use a candle snuffer that is designed to put the flame out. You may relight the candle when needed. Please remember that when you blow your candle out with your breath, you are telling the Universe that you are finished with the candle spell. Use the abovementioned methods of putting out the flame if you want to burn the entire candle in sections or at various times until finished. Once the candle is completely done, toss glass in recycling bin. Take the petition and photo and roll into small tube, wrap with yellow string (for Success), and carry in your bosom or pocket for additional attraction power.

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