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Sister Jacqueline's Mother's Day Memorial

Create An Altar For The Most Important Woman In Your Life

May is the month we celebrate Mother’s Day, and countries worldwide honor the hardest working person on Earth. In some cultures, residents follow their traditional chosen day for Mothers as well as adopting our date. The second Sunday in May was designated for the United States on May 9, 1914 by then President Woodrow Wilson.

While many of you are planning to attend religious services and/or take Mom out to lunch or dinner, go shopping with her, or maybe just send some flowers and a card, there are those, like myself, whose Mother has passed to their Heavenly Home. Despite being a Mother of five myself, and a grandmother of nine, I miss having my Mom to call when I need to rant about the rising cost of groceries or ask how to get a stain out of something that seems destined for the rag bag.

Here is a simple yet touching way to honor that woman who gave you birth.

1 White glass 7-day Novena type candle
White kerchief or crochet lace doily
Blessing or Healing Oil
Small saucer
Rose or Carnation in a bud vase
Photograph or image of your Mother

Clean the candle cylinder and top of wax with lemon juice or alcohol, and let dry completely. Choose a small table or fireplace mantle for your setup. Place a white kerchief or crochet lace doily with the photograph and bud vase with flower on it.

Take the white candle and pour a few drops of oil into the top of the candle, rubbing or swirling it clockwise to send the healing or blessing out. Place the candle on a saucer atop the doily. Light and pray Psalm 23 or recite a Hail Mary. Let it burn until done. You can take this a step further and leave a slice of cake or other sweet, a cup of black coffee, a small glass of sherry or rum, and other items that remind you of Mom.