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Nathe On Giving Thanks

Gratitude Elixir Brings This Altar To Life

 I want to share with you my altar dedicated to Gratitude, and help you to create your own. 

For the altar, you will need:
  • a green or a gold candle
  • the Empress card from the Tarot
  • a fruit basket (apples & grapes)
  • photos of those dear to you 

To make my gratitude elixir, use:
  • spring water
  • a quartz crystal
  • orange peel
  • cinnamon sticks
  • rose essential oil
  • a spray bottle

To make the elixir, add your ingredients to a spray bottle. It will grow stronger over time.

As you set up your altar with the elements mentioned above, spray the gratitude elixir in the air and over the altar. 

Recite your gratitude prayers and light your green or gold candle, focusing on what you are thankful for and what you wish for.

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Nathe, a medium who reads tarot and the Lenormand oracle, is our newest Hoodoo Psychic. From Lisbon, Portugal, he can be reached in the early hours Monday through Saturday.

© 2022. Used With Permission.
Harvest Time With Miss Elvyra

A Corn Dolly Gives Thanks

Gratitude, thankfulness, grace  — all are part of this time of year, the harvest time. I wish to share a simple and creative spell, the corn dolly.

To craft the corn dolly:  • Soak corn husks in water for about 10 minutes, then blot out excess water.
  • Stack 4 husk pieces, and tie together one inch down from the top.
  • Separate husks into equal portions and fold long ends down, covering twine.
  • Tie folded ends together about one inch down from top, creating head.
  • Roll up a single husk and tie at ends to use for arms.
  • Place arms below the neck knot, and tuck between body husks.
  • For a female: tie at waist area leaving a skirt below it.
  • For a male: tie at waist, separate husks into two sections, tie at knees and ankles.
  • Bless the corn dolly and place a Carnelian tumbled stone with it on your altar (or a central place in your home).
  • Declare out loud or on paper what abundant harvest you are grateful for this year.

Keep the corn dolly until next year’s harvest. Release in nature and create a new one.

Blessed be!

corn dolly
American Folklore With Dr. Jeremy Weiss

Mirror on the Cellar Steps Find Your Love on Halloween

In “Folk-Lore From Adams County, Illinois,” Harry M. Hyatt recorded an assortment of love divinations to be performed on Halloween. Many of these are derived from folk customs also recorded in Ireland and Scotland. Here are just a few, with Hyatt’s reference numbers included.

Give a name to an Apple that is suspended from a string on Halloween Eve, and if you succeed in biting it, you are loved by the person named. (6717)

Drop apples into a tub of water at a Halloween party and the one who succeeds in biting an apple will be certain to marry. (6787)

On Halloween Eve place stemless apples in a tub of water; the first person, who by bobbing can lift an apple from the tub with his teeth, will be the first one in the group to get married. (6788)

Put a glass of water beneath your bed on Halloween and go to bed backwards, you will dream of your future husband. If he hands you a drink of water in a glass, he will be wealthy; if in a cup, he will be poor; but if he does not offer you a drink, you will be an old maid. (7137)

On Halloween put a basin of water at the side of your bed, turn off the light and go to bed; then raise up quickly and look into the water, and you’ll see the face of your prospective mate. (7139)

Put a handful of chestnuts on the fire on Halloween, you can tell how many beaus will pop the question; for every chestnut that pops, a beau will pop the question. (6818)

On Halloween lay a row of chestnuts in the ashes along the edge of the fireplace and name the nuts after boys and girls. When the nuts become hot they will hop. Any two nuts named for a boy and a girl, jumping towards each other, indicates that they will marry; if the two nuts jump away from each other, the boy and the girl symbolized will not get married. (6878)

On Halloween pour melted lead (molybdomancy) into a pan of water by letting the lead pass through the handle of a key. Whatever tool is formed by the molten lead will disclose that tool with which your future husband will work. (7191)

You can discover your future mate by looking into a mirror on the cellar steps. Do this on Halloween. (7005)

You can discover your future husband by looking into a mirror on Halloween. (7061)

On Halloween hold a candle in one hand and a mirror in the other hand, and walk down the stairs backwards. You will see in the mirror the one you are to marry. (7006)

Lay a mirror upside down under your pillow on Halloween, and as the clock begins to strike midnight, get up and look into the mirror. You will see your allotted mate. (7062)

Lie down on your back by a well on Halloween and hold a mirror over your head so that you can see a reflection of the bottom of the well. If you are to marry, the picture of your future married partner will appear in the mirror. (7144)

Put in a pan of water on the table with a button, coin, nut, ring and stone. Blindfold yourself and with a spoon attempt to scoop out one of the articles from the pan. Three tries are allowed. If you lift out the button, you will live in single blessedness; The coin, you will acquire wealth; the nut, you will toil for a living; the ring, you will marry; and the stone, you will travel a rocky road. This divination is usually tried on Halloween. (6979)

Miss Cat On How To Get The Most From Your Psychic

When Will It Come To Pass?

After “Will it happen or not?” and “What is he or she thinking?” the most frequently asked question that psychic readers and rootworkers receive from clients is, “When will it come to pass?” In other words, “When will the reading come true?” or “When will the rootwork we are doing show results?”

Yes, clients often ask psychic readers to tell them when an event will happen, and professional readers are comfortable with that question, of course. But making a useful reply can be complex.

Sometimes the reader gives a clear answer, and sometimes not. Failure to provide a clear time-line does not always mean that the reader is failing. It may mean that you, as the client, have not asked the right questions, or it may mean that you have chosen a reader whose method of divination does not lend itself to the knowledge of a hard time-line.

Let’s break this down.

Ask “How long should I wait?”

If you don’t ask your reader about timing, you may not get a date.

To put this another way, when you consult a professional reader, you have to ask questions! If a psychic reader says, “Chances look good for a satisfactory outcome” — for whatever situation is on your mind — you can ask, “Do you see a time-frame during which i can expect this to either happen or not happen?” This question can be asked of a reader who is only doing divination or of a root doctor or magical coach who will be working with you on your case.

No psychic will be offended by this question — but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

Listen closely to the answer.

If your reader says, “I see this as either succeeding or failing within the next month,” that does not mean that the reader “guaranteed it would happen within a month.”

If the reader says, “I see this as a situation in which opportunities for success are narrowing and closing down,” that does not mean that the reader “said success is not possible.”

Be prepared to act on the
information you are given.

When a positive outcome is said to be likely (and remember, we cannot guarantee results), commit yourself to doing the work indicated and check back with your reader as time goes by. In addition to a reading, you may make a contract with a spell-caster or magical coach to cover a specific number of check readings that your rootwork is ongoing.

When a negative outcome is said to be likely (again, remember that we do not guarantee results), ask your reader, “What methods should we use and how long should we continue to work on this situation before giving up?”

The form of reading affects the time-senses of the psychic.

As readers and root doctors, we are dealing with probabilities more often than with certainties (just the same way that medical doctors do), so we cannot always give you a precise date, but a general date range is often suggested by the form of divination we use.

To be specific, here are some of the ways that the form of divination affects the reader’s inclination to give you a “When” answer:

   • If you want hard dates, seek out an Astrologer and get natal charts, progressed charts, and transiting charts done for all the parties involved in the situation — the results can be amazingly precise.
   • With Numerology you will also be able to ask for, and may be given, specific times, by year, month, and date.
  • With Card Readings you are generally looking about three to six months into the future, but if you ask about “ever,” a distant future may be revealed.
  • With Pictorial Card Readings, such as tarot, lenormand, or oracle cards, if you ask a specific “When?” question, the reader may be able to associate a certain card image with a month or season of the year.
  • With Tea Leaf Readings you are looking about four weeks into the future, according to the old tea-reader’s adage, “four turns to the bottom” of the cup.
  • With Pendulum Readings you are getting a “yes” or “no” and it is difficult to assign dates, without the reader asking additional “yes” or “no” questions about date-ranges.
  • With the I Ching you may (or may not) get seasonal indications (Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter) rather than dates.
  • With Palmistry you will get age-ranges (“in your thirties,” “toward your fifties”) rather than dates.
  • With Spirit Mediumship you may get dates or you may not, depending on the spirit who speaks.

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Miss Cat Yronwode is a writer, teacher, historian, designer, editor, perfumer, and herbalist. All readers at Hoodoo Psychics are graduates of her Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course, a one-year intensive course in spiritual conjure practice. Speak with her weekly on Saturdays at 1-7PM Pacific Time.

© 2022. Used With Permission.
Deacon Millett's Test Kitchen

Triple Sweet Ginger Cupcakes

I found this gem in the pamphlet 100 Honey Helpings, sent to me as part of Miss Cat Yronwode’s personally curated Patreon, It’s All Ephemera. Published in 1939 by the American Honey Institute of Madison, Wisconsin, it collects 100 honey recipes from the Institute Testing Kitchen.

As a diabetic, I can’t really indulge in this one, but boy do I want to know how it tastes! THREE different shades of sweetener are used, plus some great spices for love: ginger (for passion and lust), cinnamon (for attraction), and cloves (for friendship).

Give it a try and let me live vicariously by sending me your reviews!

  2 cups cake flour
  (or 1 & 2/3 cups all purpose flour)
  1 teaspoon ginger
  1 teaspoon cinnamon
  1/8 teaspoon cloves
  1/4 teaspoon salt  
  1/2 teaspoon soda
  1 teaspoon baking powder
  1/3 cup shortening
  1/2 cup honey
  1/4 cup brown sugar
  1/4 cup molasses
  1 egg
  1/2 cup buttermilk

Sift flour and measure. Sift and mix with remaining dry ingredients. Cream fat, honey, sugar, and molasses together. Add beaten egg. Add buttermilk alternately with flour mixture, stirring only enough to incorporate flour. Bake in moderate over (350 degrees) for 25 minutes. Yield: 16 cupcakes or 8 cupcakes and one 9-inch layer.

Move Forward With Sister Jacqueline

Open your Roads Break Bad Luck!

In our lives, we encounter times where we feel that nothing is going right and that someone may have placed a curse on us. These are the times when things break and communication is misconstrued, or the message is not received well by those listening to us. The simplest of tasks become mountains to climb, and there are days when you feel that it is best for the World if you stay in bed with the covers over your head. Each and every one of us has had times like these. The resolution to these issues is doing candle spell work to remove these obstacles and clearing your path. Once you open your roads, the way is clear, and the journey to your destination is easier. Here are a few tips to removing these blocks to your Success and Happiness.

Roadblocks that are spiritual in Nature are frustratingly immobilizing and keep us from moving forward, just like barriers and construction on the highway. It seems that all the positive energy has dissipated and left, only to cause a complete standstill of any advancement. This could be a concern if you are expecting money to be sent or given to you, a promotion or a raise, or even a proposal of marriage or business partnership. As the positive energy grinds to a stop, it feels like negativity takes over, and mishaps and accidents, unusual mistakes, forgetfulness, illness, and even legal or relationship problems create a humongous storm of negative occurrences that drives you deeper into sadness and despair.

There is hope, however, for you to turn bad luck into good and create the positive energy to get your forward movement going again. 

An optimistic future is in your hands — to gain financial stability, new horizons for success, a loving relationship, and a happy home once again. Achieving this will take focus and a strong mindset to overcome obstacles.
•  Bottle of Florida Water or Lemon Juice
•  Paper Towel or soft cloth
•  1 Road Opener 7 day “Novena” type Vigil Candle 
•  1 bottle of Road Opener Anointing or Condition Oil
•  1 Photo of Yourself
•  1 Petition on white paper of what you want to achieve (be specific) and by what date you want to achieve it (month/year). 

Clean candle (insides and out) with Florida Water or Lemon Juice to remove dust and production/warehouse residues. Clean outside of glass, inside rim of glass, top of wax, and gently pull cleaning cloth or paper towel on the wick to clean it as well. Set aside to dry.

Write petition with what you want to achieve. Turn paper to a 90 degree angle (one quarter turn) and write your full name NINE times one under the other (stacked one on top of another) so that you can clearly see each set of names written under another.

Anoint four corners of petition paper
 with Road Opener Oil first and then center of petition paper in a Quincunx pattern (anoint upper left hand corner, then lower right hand corner, then upper right hand corner, then lower left hand corner and lastly, the center).

Place photo of yourself on top of petition paper and then set candle on top of both.

Place three drops of Road Opener Oil in top of candle wax, using your dominant hand index finger to circle the oil counterclockwise three times, saying this prayer:

I call upon the intervention of the Angels, Saints, and the Heavenly Beings to obtain success in all areas of my life and to remove all obstacles that are in my way. I petition the aid of the Holy Spirit, so that my house is happy and filled with love and that I receive good luck, sent by Divine Providence. Guardian Angel, I implore your supreme majesty, power and might, so that you keep me from danger, and that my way is illuminated by the light of Good Luck and Success.  I believe in God, who created the World and all within, the Angels and Saints, who intercede for us, and the Holy Spirit who guides us all.  Amen.

Place entire setup of this candle spell in a fire safe container and in an area that will not be disturbed by pets or children. Keep away from anything flammable. You may keep this candle going continuously, or you may extinguish it, when necessary, by placing a small saucer over the candle to snuff it out or use a candle snuffer that is designed to put the flame out. You may relight the candle when needed. Please remember that when you blow your candle out with your breath, you are telling the Universe that you are finished with the candle spell. Use the abovementioned methods of putting out the flame if you want to burn the entire candle in sections or at various times until finished. Once the candle is completely done, toss glass in recycling bin. Take the petition and photo and roll into small tube, wrap with yellow string (for Success), and carry in your bosom or pocket for additional attraction power.

Lady Muse With A Psychic Enhancement Ritual

Power to See! Power to Be!

There is a Time and a Season for everything. As you are growing, keep in mind that just because someone smiles in your face does not mean that they wish you well. Jealousy can trigger flows of negativity, bringing unnecessary hiccups, potholes, and hinderances to your journey. Life has its own ups and downs without the help of people driven by envy. Therefore, it is up to YOU to be ready to knock the ball out of the park at a moment’s notice. Strength in both hands is essential for survival in a dog-eat-dog world. In other words, make sure that you are an even-handed root worker.

Learn how to manifest blessings and chop off heads with no mercy, when necessary. Balance is one of the main targets that your enemies will try to disrupt in any way, shape, form, or fashion. If they can overwhelm your life with foolishness, then you will be too out of focus to work. If you can’t see, then you can’t work.  If you don’t work, then you lose. That is an old-school trick designed to sneak up on you and shake up your surroundings. However, if you are paying attention, you can counteract that negative energy, harness it, and sling it right back to the sender, accompanied by a force so powerful that it would be impossible for them to return. 

I would like to share with you a ritual designed to help enhance your power of discernment and gift of sight, so that you can spot the ripples of the adversary’s tactics and counteract their agenda.

This ritual is best performed during a Full Moon in the hour of Mars. You will need the following to create an Empowerment Bath, Incense, and Tea. Be sure to research all herbs prior to usage. Safety first!

Peach Leaf tea for wisdom
Eyebright for clarity and focus
Borage for courage and enhancing psychic powers

Bodhi for wisdom and meditation
Acacia to stimulate the mind and receive visions
White Sandalwood to raise the Spirits
Althaea for inducing psychic powers
Sage for wisdom and protection

Peppermint for mental stimulation and inducing psychic powers
Iris for faith and wisdom
Sunflowers to know the truth

You will also need:
2 tealights
Inferno Protection oil
Isaiah 54:17: No weapon formed against Me shall prosper.


On the night before the full moon, gather the following herbs and separate them according to what they will be used for (Incense, Bath, or Tea). Once separated in your labeled mason jars, place them in the window sill to be charged under the Moonlight as you pray the following prayer: 

I speak to the spirit of the herbs and command them to awaken and absorb the energy of the moon. As the moon grows to its fullest potential so shall the ashes of these herbs be infused together and be endowed with power to anoint me. Lord, I thank you.

On the full moon prepare your bath by simmering the bath herbs on the stove. Once you strain the herbs, pour the infused water into your bath water. As the waters are uniting, prepare your tea to sip on while you’re bathing. Prior to getting into the bath burn your incense mix on a charcoal disk in your incense brazier. Be sure to place 2 tealights on the edge of the tub dressed with a pinch of the bath mix. You want to use the tealights as a doorway into and out of the bath. During the hour of Mars, light your tealights and incense. Step through the tealights into the bath water and sip your tea while you soak and pray the following prayer:

Lord I ask that you endow my inner man with strength courage and wisdom. Keep my mind free of clutter and my Third Eye open with a keen gift of sight and discernment.  Lead and guide me. Order my steps. Keep me safe and out of the reach of my enemies. No weapon formed against me shall prosper and any tongue that rises against me will be condemned and sent to remain in their own hell for eternity. Lord, I thank you for the Victory! By the powers that Be! So mote it be! 

After your bath, step out of the water through the tealight doorway, get dressed, and toss a bit of the water towards the Sun Rise (the East). Anoint yourself with Inferno Protection oil and be ready to see, hear, or feel your Spirit Guides leading you to Victory!

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Hoodoo Psychic Lady Muse ministers to the masses, helping them break free from the bondage of oppressive situations and uplifting their Spirit. Give her a call at

© 2022. Used With Permission.
Mama E. On Traditional Conjure

Spring Renewal Spell

Spring is a time of growth, and a simple way to bring renewal to your life and your environment is by growing plants and herbs, which will spread your intentions in an earth-conscious and healthy way.

If you have a garden or a place where you can plant flowers, even in pots, this is a spell for you. Pick a flowering plant that you like — in this case, let’s use marigolds. Marigolds, also known as Calendulas, are used to attract money and luck. 

First, write your petition three times on a small piece of paper, for example “bring luck and money to me”; then write your name across it three times. 

Anoint it with Money Drawing oil in a 5-spot pattern. Place your petition at the bottom of the hole where the flowers will be planted, or at the bottom of the pot.

Pray over the dirt that will go in the pot, or that will cover the plant in the ground, then plant the marigold. 

Fill a container of water and bless it, or add holy water to it. Pray that this marigold brings you prosperity and money. 

Use this water to irrigate your marigold. When this plant grows, it will attract bees and butterflies. Every time a bee lands on the flower and pollinates, it will spread your intention out into the world. 

Other plants bees like: Lavender and Lilacs.
Bulbs: Irises (Queen Elizabeth) and Hyacinth.
Flowers: Roses for love.

Planting herbs is another way to spread your intentions. Using the same idea, plant herbs in your garden or a window box, bless the ground, and then water before planting them. Plant Sage (against the evil eye), Rosemary (for peaceful home, cleansing, and happy marriage), Marjoram (for protection), and Oregano (keeps the law away). Every time you use these herbs, you will be adding your intention to your dishes.

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Mama E’s acclaimed readings are much sought after for their compassionate and no-holds-barred wisdom. For more on her spellwork and conjure supplies, visit Hoodoo Psychics.

© 2022. Used With Permission.
Catherine yronwode, Lara Rivera, & Great Workers of the Past


From Bottle Up and Go!: The Magic of Hoodoo Container Spells in Boxes, Bags, Bowls, Buckets, and Jars by catherine yronwode and Lara Rivera © 2020 catherine yronwode and Lara Rivera:

Traditionally, whole raw eggs are used for cleansing, but filled eggs are found in a variety of spells. Sometimes the raw egg is blown out and refilled with magical ingredients; sometimes a hole is made and ingredients are introduced into the egg with a knife point or stirred up inside with a hat pin.

On April 6, 1939 in Florence, South Carolina, in the home of Henry Timmons, “Informant #1321” told Reverend Hyatt: “If anyone is trying to harm you, especially if it’s around your neighbourhood, […] take a egg […] get some Graveyard Dirt, [Dirt] Dauber Nest, cooking Salt, and Sulphur, fix it up [inside the egg and place the egg] under the steps.”  

If someone you care for has met a new friend and you want to keep that friendship from growing, carefully break the point end of an egg to let the contents flow out. Set the egg shell in a jar in a dark place to dry overnight. Cook the egg and eat it yourself; don’t give it to anyone else. Next morning, write a small paper with both peoples’ names on it, and draw a line through the new friend’s name. Fold this into the egg shell. Fill the egg shell with Red Pepper, Poppy Seeds, and Black Mustard Seeds, seal it, and carry it to an overpass where cars or trains drive under. Shake it up as you say, “Lord, these two are not good for each other and surely trouble will come if they don’t stay apart. Break up this friendship and let it be forgotten.” Then toss the egg off the overpass where it will break and be run over.

In March 1938 in New Orleans, Louisiana, a rootworker known as “Informant #810” told this spell to Reverend Hyatt: “You put a little hole in the shell of a raw chicken egg and draw that raw egg out. Take a person’s name and write it nine times, put the name paper in that egg shell and stop it up [with wax]. Throw it in the river, and as long as that egg will float and drift down river, that person will drag, they will drift.”

Newbell Niles Puckett gave an old hoodoo spell collected by Fanny D. Bergen in 1890: “Make a hole in an egg and stir Gunpowder into the contents.” Bergen did not tell how to deploy the spell, but it is traditional to hide such an egg under the foe’s house to catch them unawares or to throw and break it on their door to let them know that spiritual warfare has begun.

This can’t be used on enemies in tall buildings, but works with one-story homes. Write the neighbors’ names on an egg, prick it with a thin knife, and use the knife to load it with Gunpowder for fights, Graveyard Dirt for sorrow, Cayenne powder to drive them off, and Sulphur powder to send them to Hell. Throw the egg over their house so it breaks on the other side.

In March 1937, in Norfolk, Virginia, Doctor Paul Bowles told Reverend Hyatt to, “Pick a hole in an egg, blow out the insides, put a person’s head-hair in it, write the person’s name on the egg shell, seal the hole [with soft wax], and throw the egg into running water. This runs the person crazy.”

In October, 1939, Reverend Hyatt learned this spell from “Informant 1520,” a professional rootworker in Memphis, Tennessee:
   “If you want somebody to die, you take a black Hen’s egg and you put it up in a bird nest and when the Sun dries it up, why, that kills them. How do you do it? Well, you write the person’s name on that egg with ink, and you run four needles or four long black hatpins through that. First you put one through one end and one through the other, lengthwise of the egg, and they will cross each other in the middle. Then you go from side to side. You run the third one through from one side to the other, and you turn it over and run the fourth one through the other way, crosswise. You cross the four of them, to make a cross inside the egg. You use a spool of black thread and wrap that up nine times and tie a knot, and nine times more and tie a knot, and keep doing that, nine times and a knot. You wrap it up good and use the whole spool of thread so that nobody can tell it’s an egg, and you put that in a bird nest, up in the tree. When you do that you’re wavering a person’s mind — you’re running a person crazy. And when that egg dries up, they will die.”

Start with an empty bottle of Black Bottle Brandy or any black bottle with a screw-cap. If you don’t have one, paint a clear bottle with three coats of black nail polish. Get a photo of each person. If it shows them together, cut it in two. Cross out each face with an X while cursing them with doubt: “He doesn’t want you, he’s seeing another woman, you are not good enough for him, he’s going to leave you.” Put each picture in the bottle separately. Break an egg into a bowl, use a Coffin Nail to scramble it with Black Pepper, Black Mustard Seed, and Black Salt, pour the mixture into the bottle, and top it off with Vinegar. Poke two holes in the bottle lid with the nail, drop the nail in, and cap it. Bury this upside-down in a graveyard, saying, “Your love for each other will run out and die! As the egg is broken, as the vinegar sours, as the dead go to the earth, let your love die! Let it die! Let it die! Let it die!”

In 1931, Zora Neale Hurston wrote in “Hoodoo in America” to “take a fresh black hen’s egg, make a hole big enough to get the egg out and take the [neighbours’] names, Pepper sauce, and [prepared] Mustard and fill the egg up and soak it in War Water for nine days and throw it over the house, and it will cross the house and they will have to move away.”

From Paper in My Shoe: Name Papers, Petition Papers, and Prayer Papers in Hoodoo, Rootwork, and Conjure by catherine yronwode © 2015 catherine yronwode:

Write your enemy’s name with a pencil on a Black Hen’s egg and soak the egg for nine days in Four Thieves Vinegar to which you have added Red Pepper and Black Salt. At midnight of the ninth day, carry the egg to a crossroads and, holding the egg in your hand, dance around the forks of the road, cursing your enemy, and sending your hatred into the egg. At the climax of your dance, throw the egg sharply to the ground, breaking it, then walk away silently and quietly, and don’t look back.


From The Art of Making Mojos: How to Craft Conjure Hands, Trick Bags, Tobies, Gree-Grees, Jomos, Jacks, and Nation Sacks by catherine yronwode © 2018 catherine yronwode:

Take a raw egg, write the baby’s name on it in ink, place it in a muslin Tobacco sack, and hang it over the door to the baby’s bedroom. The egg will dry out, and the child will teethe without pain.

Folks say that if you hang a bag of Five-Finger Grass over the fireplace mantle, hidden behind a picture or a mirror, no one will be able to drive you from your home. Likewise, the bag may be hung over your bed to protect you from evil while you sleep. If you blow out and dry an egg, stuff it with Five-Finger Grass, seal the hole with wax, and keep it hidden in the home, the family will be protected from enemies.

Lady Muse Opens The Road To Success

Enlarge my Territory Rose of Jericho Road Opening Ritual

Lady Muse Opens The Road To Success

Whole Bay Leaves, Protection
White Pepper, Protection
Cascarilla (White egg shell powder), Protection
Road Opening Candle, 3 colors (Orange, Green, Yellow)
Purple Candle, Mastery
White Candle, Clearing 
Road Opening oil
Magnetic Success Oil
Power Oil
Agrimony, to break curses.
Verbena, to break jinxes and the evil eye.
Red Onion, for luck
5 finger grass, for success in all that you touch.
Bayberry root chips, for success
Sage, for wisdom
Eyebright, for clarity
Rice, for success
A bowl of Spring water
Rose of Jericho, for resurrection
Small Spray bottle
3 pieces of candy


Road Opening with a Rose of Jericho is a good ritual to do after your Springtime Cleaning and Clutter Clearing. The Rose of Jericho is also known as the Resurrection Plant, so this spell is perfect to begin on Good Friday, ending after midnight on Easter. At other times of year, use the Waxing Moon period, starting on Friday and ending on Sunday. This ritual first appeared on The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour.

To prepare, first clean your house, using cleaning supplies loaded with lemon such as Clorox with lemon or Pine-sol with lemon. If you don’t have cleaning supplies with lemon, you can always squeeze a tiny bit of lemon juice from a fresh lemon into your cleaning water. Lemon is a cleansing agent that removes negative energy.

It is important to pay special attention to places with clutter. Spirits love to hide in clutter. After you have wiped, mopped, swept and vacuumed, use a Cleansing/ Uncrossing Spray (such as Mama Vergi’s) in each room starting from the back of the house and working to the front. Pay special attention to your work area. Be sure to have your windows and doors open when cleaning – those spirits need somewhere to go.

As you clean your house you can pray the following prayer:Lord, purge my home from all negativity, Hindering Spirits, and bad energy. Evil WILL NOT live here! Famine WILL NOT live here! Hatred WILL NOT live here! Sickness WILL NOT Live Here! Poverty WILL NOT live Here! Loneliness WILL NOT live here! I cast you out of my life and back into the abyss!

After you finish cleansing, place a Bay Leaf in the corners of each room for protection.

To protect your ritual, draw a Triangle on your work space using a mixture of Cascilliara (White Egg shell powder) mixed with white pepper and powdered bay leaf. 

Place a 3-color (Orange, Green and Yellow) Road Opening Candle on the Top Tip of the triangle dressed with 3 drops of Road Opening oil. Place your Purple Candle on the Right Leg of your triangle dressed with 3 drops of Magnetic Success oil. Place your White Candle on the Left Leg of the triangle dressed with a pinch of verbena and agrimony and 3 drops of Power oil.

Bake or Fry your red onion peelings and then create a powder mixture of the red onion peelings, five finger grass and bayberry root chips. Also create a mixture of eyebright and sage to be used as an incense on a charcoal disk.

Write your petition and dress it with your condition oils and a pinch of your Bayberry, onion, and five finger grass powder. Place your petition in the middle of the Triangle. Place your white rice on top of your petition. Anoint your rice with 3 drops of Road Opening oil, 3 drops of Magnetic Success oil and 3 drops of Power oil. Put a bowl of Spring water in the middle of your rice bed on top of your petition. Place your Rose of Jericho in the bowl of water. Light your candles and let set for three days. During this time, your rice will be charging to use after the work is complete. During the Hour of the Sun each day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, light your mixture of eyebright and sage on a charcoal disk and pray the following:
Oh that You would bless me and enlarge my territory! 
Let your hand be with me and keep me from harm 
so that I will be free from pain. (1 Chronicles 4:10)
Thank you, Lord, for granting my request, 
As this Rose of Jericho opens so Shall my Roads of Success!

After midnight on the 3rd Day, your Rose of Jerichoshould have blossomed, and the water will be endowed with Power. Take a bit of that water and put it in a spray bottle with a pinch of five finger grass. Change the water once a week on Friday.

Lightly mist your now empowered rice and be sure not to soak it and make is soggy. Just lightly mist. Go to a 4-way crossroads and toss the rice towards the North, East, South and West and leave some candy for the guardian of the crossroads as an offering. Now, go home and BE Successful!

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